Moving on Little background on this subject for the readers that don’t know me well. I’m from Cheyenne Wyoming, graduated

Did I leave my mark on Speardaddy or nah

With this being my last week in Spearfish I was wondering if when I leave, will people even remember me.

Love where you’re from, Love where you’ve been, Love where you’re going.

Love where you’re from As some of you may know, I was raised in Cheyenne Wyoming. I got into sports

Wait, you’re friends with your ex?

Before anybody says anything, I know! I’m the last one that should be giving advice about this topic. But in

Love Yourself?

Kind of a cliche title huh? I see all these post about people needing to “love themselves” and “Know your

Goals changed my life

The importance of goal setting. This is something I wished I learned a long time ago. For those who didn’t

My Intermittent Fast

  Excuse the douchey before and after pics. I just need to grab peoples attention.          

I have no idea what I’m doing.

What am I doing here? Very good question, no idea if i’m being honest. A little background about me is