The flip that almost claimed a life

Welcome to another late night post about Life  I live my life by a flip of a coin. If i’m


Welcome to another late night post about…..Life Do you  guys ever feel like there is more to life? More to life

Just Jump!

Well, for the people who don’t have me on snapchat, I’ve officially made the move to Sioux Falls. Not gonna


I write these relationship post and I always think about how people are gonna judge me. Call me soft, sensitive,

Black Guy From Wyoming

Before I dive into this post I just want to say yeah, I curse alot in these post. I’m not


Feels like an online diary?  I mean, that’s not too far from the truth. Writing is something that has always

Method behind my madness.

“What do you do?” “What program do you follow?” “How much have you loss? “What’s your goal?” Intro: The Glorious

Chasing the Pump?

What’s the Pump? Now before you anti-weight room hipsters start rolling your eyes and jumping to conclusions, just hear me

I’m a Cactus, not an Orchid.

I started writing this back in September, right before I moved to Sioux Falls. The title is part of a

What’s your why?

Before I dive head first into this blog post, here’s a quick update on the “Life of Marshall” What can