Life can darken the brightest of Stars

First things first, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts these past couple weeks. I came down with

That, “Oh Shit.” feeling

First time shooting a gun This has been on my bucket list for the longest time, like the day I

Girl who cried…

Kareem Hunt situation Kareem Hunt’s situation inspired me to write about my own personal domestic violence encounter. Now everybody has

Get over your flaws with Confidence.

Self love would be a better title for this. This is a huge topic for me because I hate when


I randomly get blog ideas throughout the day while I do random shit. So this is the start to a

Do your work in silence.

Your hard work isn’t always going to get recognized. Tough pill to swallow I know. People aren’t going to give

The flip that almost claimed a life

Welcome to another late night post about Life  I live my life by a flip of a coin. If i’m


Welcome to another late night post about…..Life Do you  guys ever feel like there is more to life? More to life

Just Jump!

Well, for the people who don’t have me on snapchat, I’ve officially made the move to Sioux Falls. Not gonna


I write these relationship post and I always think about how people are gonna judge me. Call me soft, sensitive,