Why do I flex my Degree so hard?

First off, my advice to everybody out there is to give college a try. Just know, if you start, you better eventually finish.

Another thing, make sure you leave there with more than what you brought. Not talking about material things but actually learn something. Pick up a trade, educate yourself, find your passion, something! It may get you some type of career down the road.

But more importantly, give it the “college try” for the experiences that come with it.

  • The bonds you build
  • The fights you get into
  • The parties
  • The sex
  • The drugs
  • The alcohol
  • Beer loge
  • Sidewalk Slammer
  • Develop a gambling problem

Shit, everybody should date at least one crazy person. You’ll find them in bulk at your on-campus book store.

Yes, I know I listed a bunch of stuff that has to do with partying, , , , , And? You wanna know what comes before all of this partying and nonsense? The Shit!

If you’ve never had the equivalent to a mental breakdown in your dark ass room while eating a bag of sour gummy worms then you have no idea what I’m talking about. The mental and physical strain a college student goes through is what fuels those wild experiences I mentioned earlier.

I honestly think the only thing that’s holding people back from actually succeeding in college, is the fear of adversity. Which isn’t ridiculous, who wants to do something that’s gonna make them uncomfortable? Who wants to do something that would cause that type of strain on somebody. 

But isn’t that what life’s all about? Isn’t that where growth comes from? Isn’t that where the saying, “High risk, High reward.” Comes from, yeah?

Conquer the madness.

I’ve experienced Failure

As some of you may know, I’ve failed out of college twice. After the first time I failed out I decided I needed more time to focus on work and my studies, so I quit the football team, without bating a single eye lash.

I wasn’t in it for the sport, because spoiler alert, I hate football. I was in it because I’ve built bonds with the players. I was drawn to the grind of off-season workouts, the locker room shenanigans, and the weekend get togethers more than the actual sport. I was dogshit so that made my decision easier.

But the day my adviser sat me down and said, “You might have to take a break from school for a year.” I broke down. I knew, in my heart if I didn’t get back in school now, there was no way I was coming back.

Many people fail out and get into partying. Or they find some bullshit job on an oil rig. Or just get really bad into drugs. Or worse, they move back home. Whenever that happens the thought of finishing school becomes a distant memory.

The main thing I was concerned about, was what’s going to separate me from the normal schmucks I grew up with. The thought of being just some regular guy terrified me.

Listen, I’m a competitor at heart and college is a race. There are 3 types of people in this world when it comes to this.

  • People who finish the race.
  • People who tap out early.
  • People who don’t even lace up.

In my mind, I had just tripped on the second lap of the 800. Now I had a life changing decision to make. I either take the easy road and tap out. Or I brush the dirt off my shoulders, put my head down and finish this bitch. I chose the latter.

The Grind

I’m not going to go into detail about how tough it is to be a student.

I’m not going to go into detail about how tough it is to be a student-athlete.

Y’all already know that.

But I will touch on how hard it is to be a student-athlete that had to work two jobs just to get by.

The load students had to take on is immense. The load student athletes had to take on is incomparable.

But while y’all were resting up to take on the next day. I had to head into work and deal with drunks who enjoyed picking fights with the security.

I had to keep my composure as the drunk white guy is hurling spit and racial slurs in my face.

I had to keep my cool as I try to kick out every entitled prick who thought they needed to be in the bar after closing.

I had to stay and clean for 2-3 hours.

Clean up after students who were stressed, over worked, and just needed a release from the chains that came with the struggles of being that, a student.

Clean up after the town drunks who didn’t know their own limits regardless of the many years of practice they had.

Clean up after the freshly 21 who couldn’t hold their liquor and puked and rallied in the corner.

Clean up after the scum of society who thought wrecking the bathroom and punching holes in the wall would somehow mask their homosexual desires.

Then I had to drive home at 4 or 5 in the morning to work on articles that needed to be on the website in a couple hours.

Speech notes that had to be perfect for the class I had after morning meetings.

A coaching portfolio that needed to be handed in by noon.

Scouting report for this week’s game that needed to be finished by 1.  

Then everyday duties that came with being a student athlete.

Thinking back, I wouldn’t trade in those nights for anything. With all the shit I had to go through, just to get this piece of paper.

I can confidently say, with a smile on my face. That I’m better than you.

Easy bud…

Now listen, don’t take pity on me. This is the grave I dug. I was a shitty football player and an even worse student. I didn’t get a scholarship to cover the price of living with a roof over my head. Which lead to me picking up a night job and a work study.

Work wasn’t always bad. I actually had a great time working there. I love my Zbar crew, lifelong friends I’d do just about anything for.

Football, well, I was still shitty. But I busted my ass 6 days a week because I knew I got game days off. Glass half full.

Wrapping things up here, I know I tend to ramble on. But I want to make sure you guys get the message.

I’m better than you.

If you didn’t attempt to further your education, I’m better than you.

If you failed out and have no intentions on coming back, I’m better than you.

If you’re reading this and got offended, I’m sure as hell better than you!

Why? Because I’ve gone through the shit.

  • I’ve failed more times then I can count.
  • I’ve cried out of pure frustration more times then I’d like to admit.
  • I’ve had people doubt me.
  • I’ve questioned if there was any light at the end of the tunnel

 But I’ve never once considered giving up. I laced up my shoes, dusted myself off, and finish this fucking race. That’s why I’m better than YOU!

Before I sign off, I wanna say something. I didn’t write this to come off as cocky or to belittle those who didn’t go to college. I’m writing this to give you guys insight on the struggles I went through to get this degree. More so, to shed light on the fact that everybody has their own individual issues they’re dealing with. Whether it be physical, mental, or financial. Everybody is going through “The shit”. I’m writing this hoping this motivates somebody to give college a try. To motivate somebody to re-enroll. To motivate somebody to finish. Because honesty, if a guy like me can finish. Than anybody can.

If this has the opposite effect and absolutely enrages you, just think about this for a minute. I’m better than you. So who cares.

 Stay woke y’all