Fight or Flight

What are you going to do when your faced with a life or death situation. Fight or Flight? Or freeze for the sociological technical people out there.

Ok, I came on a little strong back there. But I’m always seeing something on social media about some guy losing his mind and shooting some place up. Yes social media is my only source of current events and what not because, there is usually some depressing shit on the News.

Now brace yourself for this next part.

  • There has been 323 mass killings taking place between January 1, 2006, and October 4, 2016.

There’s a link at the end if you want to fact check me. I’m not gonna add a work cited page because that’s just psychotic.

  • In 2010, strangers committed about 38% of nonfatal violent crimes, including rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault.

Strangers committing crimes is the closest thing to random acts of violence that I can get. This is all going to tie into my blog post soon.

I bring up random acts of violence and mass killings for one reason only, some psychopath threaten a class full of 7th graders with a gun at lunch. When I say class of 7th graders, I’m referring to my class. When I say some psychopath. I’m referring to the adult (Mexican) male who came to our jr high. Which now that I think about it, is weird as fuck.

Who are you here for?

Anyways let me start at the beginning. It was a regular ass day at school. I really don’t remember what grade we were all in, must’ve been 7th or 8th. But it was during a time where EVERYBODY wanted to be in a gang. I’m as whitewashed as they come but you can dig through my Myspace archive. And find a picture from 2005 with me posted on a brick wall with a red rag on my shoulder. I should’ve been on Malibu’s Most Wanted I was so washed. But it was a regular ass day and some chick is going off in class about, “wE LiVe iN cHeYenNe, tHeReS nO gAnGs HeRe!” And I was like no shit man, y’all go hunting and ride horses on the weekends. Have you ever seen a drive by done on a horse?

Like I knew there wasn’t any gangs or anything serious like that in Cheyenne. But, there are ignorant people everywhere you go.

I bet y’all notice that I mentioned Mexicans earlier. Before y’all start hanging nooses and calling me racist listen, some of my closest friends are Mexican. I have a very dysfunctional group of friends. We’re like a bag of trail mix. I would be the raisin obviously… Moyte and Mingo would be the pretzels and peanuts that people avoid eating. Jesse and Russell would be the m&m’s, if they were left out in the sun too long. Kise and Owen would be the salt at the bottom that nobody fucks with. Plus I dated my fair share of Mexicans, matter of fact my first serious gf was Mexican and she ate her boogers. So I think I got the pass to be offensive.

Anyways, we had these Mexicans at school that would talk shit to just about anyone. Teacher, Coach, Principle, Parent, it didn’t matter. They would start fights in the middle of the hallways. Like i’m talkin barbaric stuff was going on.

I saw a girl smash another girls face in a metal door. One of my buddies off the football team fought someone and swole up half my mans face.

Another friend of mine tried starting a food fight and smashed a carton of milk in the principles face.

Like, do I have to go on? These guys were Unapproachable.

Notice how I was friends with all these guys. Rather be with those turds then against them.

It was constant chaos at this school in the middle of Wyoming. Somebody was being dealt hands wherever you went at that school. I remember my first week there I accidentally bumped into a 9th grader. Me being a clumsy oaf, not being aware of my surroundings ran into the wrong kid. And knocked his books on the ground. He almost instintively, dropped his bag and started throwing up gang signs, while squaring up to fight. Like it threw me off cause he was white. Before I knew it a circle had formed and he’s still throwing up gang signs to me.

See, that was a fight or flight moment. And I . . . took the fuck off. What I look like getting beat up on my first week? I was riding bikes last week and now I’m in a fight club, WTF?

OK, back to the story now that we covered how rachet my school was. Home girl is going off about how there isn’t gangs in Wyoming.

I just found it ironic that her whole mood changed after lunch.

It’s lunch time. Y’all know how it goes. When you get done with lunch you can go outside and play basketball and bullshit with your friends. All my friends played football so we naturally hungout together outside, talkin about nonsense. Last weeks episode of DBZ and girls. You know, regular teenager stuff. I look over and see Lee (Some dipshit that thought he was gods gift to sports but was TRASH) talkin to some guy. I remember thinking, woah, he definitely doesn’t go here. My mans was easily pushin 20-21yrs old. I was like yoooooooo, where’s officer white. (our on campus police officer) Cause I shit you not we’re all 13-15yrs old. Or whatever age we were at in the 7th grade. And there’s a grown ass man amongst us, tryna blend in.

Anyways, I didn’t catch the dudes name but we’re gonna call him Jose.

Jose is one of those unapproachable fellas I mentioned earlier. But much older then everybody. Jose made eye contact with my buddy Isaiah. Whose honestly a really nice guy once you get to know him. But he’s also one of those unapproachable guys I mentioned before. Particularly the fella that swoled buddy’s face up.

Jose see’s Isaiah and I can bet you anything he never met him before. But he starts going after him trying to fight him and all this. And i’m just baffled at the fact that this grown ass man is at a jr. high school trying to fight teenagers.

He’s telling Isaiah to meet up with him once school is over to “throw hands” I put quotations here because, he makes the fighting motion with his fists.

So one could only assume that’s what he meant. While we got Isaiah over here saying, “Whatever man. I do this for fun.”

You ever meet one of those guys that are literally scared of nothing? If you went to my College Graduation, then you probably did. Because this salt at the bottom of the trail mix whiteboy Dakota Kise went through a phase where he would fight anybody and everybody. Like this kid was introduced to the movie fight club at a very young age. Then watched it in place of normal television to a point where he became Tyler Durden.

Another thing about my buddy Kise is that he didn’t belong to a single group. His group changed with the seasons, be country in the Summer time for Frontier days. Winter he was a meathead. During the fall which was pretty strange to see at first, he rolled with the niggas.

So, Dakota catches wind of something going on and runs over as we’re trying to separate the two guys. We get them separated and Jose starts walking back to his car. Yeah, a clear indicator that he didn’t belong there was that he hopped back in a CAR.

Jose is in his car. About to take off. And guess whose still going off at the school, none other then Kise. “That’s right B****, get back in your car! Meet me here at 2:45! I’ll be here waiting!”

Then Jose flashes the gun… Fight or Flight?

I see the gun, everybody else out there sees the gun. And for a split second, time stops. I can hear myself thinking why Officer White isn’t bustin at this guy. Nowhere to be found, of course. That’s where my tax dollars are going.

Everybody is frozen, besides salt at the bottom of the bag Kise. Who went from, “Meet me at 2:45.” to “Go head and shoot me.”

Woah,,, we aint with him.

Without even noticing it I take a few steps back.

Then I go full captain save a hoe and try to pull this maniac back towards us. Instinctively I grab him from behind in a full nelson to avoid any bullets that may come my way. Because there’s no reason for both of us to get wet up. And unless he hits us with a special beam cannon I was gonna survive miss me with that Goku stuff.

Officer White eventually notices whats happening and the guy drives off.

I remember going back to class being absolutely shooked. Moyte and Mingo is talking across the table from me trying to console me.

“James whats wrong?”

“We’ll get that guy after school.”

“He’s all talk.”

I’m over here like yo, we ain’t the Justice League, I ain’t bout to (almost) die a virgin over some ignorant shit. If he would’ve held that gun up and sneezed its a different story for any one of us.

A whole new outlook on life came to me in that classroom. It’s time to chase these bitches.

Today can be your last. So live life without regrets, as if the world is ending tomorrow.

That’s the end of my little story, it’s kinda long I know. The lesson learned behind chasing bitches of course. Is to live your life as if its your last. Because there are some maniacs out there. Looking to cut this precious thing we called life short at a drop of a hat.

Also, Yes in that situation I froze. I’m pretty sure any other teenager would’ve. In the situation before that I took off again I was a child. Adrenaline does crazy things to your body. I’m glad that I don’t have a situation where I had to fight for my life. But when the situation calls for it nobody really knows what they’re going to do.

People can take this whatever way they want.

“Thats why we need to be able to bear arms!”

Yeah cause we’re weeks away from Red Dawn happening. I’d feel comfortable with an Ak strapped to my back.

You add different variables in there such as being out with your family or loved ones and you’ll fight for their lives, of course.

What I’m trying to say is there are situations where you see yourself being a hero. And there are situations that you need to avoid all together. Avoid ignorance, avoid unnecessary confrontation, physical altercation. Stuff like that. Shit I’m rambling now.

One last thing. I’ve said plenty of offensive stuff here. Now before you start complaining, bitchin, moanin, whatever. Just think of one thing, do you think I care? This is my voice, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. Constructive criticism is welcomed though.

Stay woke y’all

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