Discouragement waits for nobody

Something we all can agree on is progress takes time.

But Discouragement Waits For Nobody.

There are plenty of ways to get knocked off the course. The scale, going at it by yourself, lack of encouragement, and the list goes on. These things are literally around to make you feel like discouraged. So, I’m writing this in attempt to reassure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

There are ways to check your progress that won’t be detrimental to your mental health. But what I really want to emphasize here is, just enjoy the journey man.

That’s something we don’t talk about enough. The grind, the struggle, the “Hustle”. These things are what make the best stories. What makes the journey worth it.

Stop worrying about the scale

Hold on tight, cause that scale, she bucks

Let me set things off by saying machines are out to get us. I bet the scale was the first thing Skynet built to mess with the human mind. Scales have no business in your household. Throw em out, purge em, give them to your ex that you hate so they can deal with the mental distress.

Yeah it’s recommended that you check your weight at the same time every week. But who really does that? I remember I used to check my weight multiple times throughout the day. Whatever number popped up literally determines my mood for the day. Why though? Why does that number have so much impact on our lives? It’s what the machines want, that’s why.

Ok, that’s the last time I mention the machines taking over.

But there are so many factors that are going to affect your weight on the scale.

You eat too too much sodium? Expect to put on some water weight.

Eat an excess amount of carbs? Your body is gonna have water retention.

Stressed? Weights gonna be affected.

Not getting enough sleep? Yeah, you guessed it. Here comes more lbs.

Peep dem gains

Be obsessed with the way you look. I know there is something satisfying about seeing your lbs go down on the scale. But seeing physical change in your body will literally make your world go round.

It’s wild to think about how you could lose a whole jelly roll of your back stomach and not care. But will get absolutely juiced to see you dropped 10lbs on the scale. Everybody falls victim to this including me. Last year when I first started out I was dropping 10lbs per month and man, let me tell ya. There’s no better high. Now I play it off looks. It’s probably an understatement when I say I’m obsessed with the way I look.

Don’t be scared to go at it alone

Greater chance of mental growth

I know, it’s not an ideal situation. Who in the right mind likes doing things by themselves?

(Insert weird flex about being by yourself)

I’m not going to bullshit y’all. Having a partner on the same mission as you has it perks. But people be using that as a crutch sometimes.

“Oh my gym partner couldn’t come today so I gave myself the day off.”

“I can’t find anyone to go with so imma just stay home.”

You get it.

I will tell you that being on that grind by yourself is more satisfying. Working out with a partner or a team you rely on people around you to keep you motivated.

I GOT to put weight on for the squad. I GOT to get my squat max up for the team. I GOT to get my ass down to the gym because my partner needs me.

Take away the team and partner aspect and what do you have left? Just you. The GOT turns into NEED.

I NEED to go just so I can fall asleep. I NEED to go to actually relax. I NEED to go to be happy.

If you can’t just be good with being by yourself. How you gon be good paired up with somebody else?”—Tech N9ne

Be your own motivation

Listen, I’ve heard just about every excuse in the book about not making a change. I’m not talking about physical change but life changes. Everybody has a dream, something they really want. But are absolutely terrified to go out and pursue it because of reasons I’ve mentioned above.

Oh, I wanna go live here. I wanna be this big. I wanna make this much money. I’m not happy man. I wanna lose the weight.

What’s holding them back? FEAR

I’ve come to the realization that there is a surplus of “I wanna” people. It seems like you can’t escape them. Where are those “I’m gonna” people? Where they at?

If you want something go get it man. Life is short. Go out and take that risk. Make a plan and commit to it. People wanna preach about being faithful in their relationships. Uhm… good job not being a scumbag I guess? Always thought that was a weird flex.

How bout be faithful to your dreams? How bout be faithful to your aspirations? Put your head down and get after it. What’s it gonna hurt? Let go of that safety net and strike out a few times.

If you don’t see progress right away, it’s okay. Hey, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. It takes time. It’s not gonna happen by the snap of your fingers. You gotta get used to that struggle. That grind.

But I’m rambling now.

What I’m doing a terrible job of trying to say is. Whether its you wanting to make a physical change or mental or financial. Whatever, don’t wait for things to happen. Don’t quit at the first sign of adversity. Push through the bullshit, even if you have to go at it alone. Because Discouragement doesn’t care if your by yourself. Or if your struggling. She will take you for everything you got, and then some. Leave you broken and battered, Because Discouragement waits for nobody.

Stay woke y’all

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