Why am I so, “Balls Deep” into working out?

What’s up y’all, part 2 of my “Why” series. Going over why I’m so addicted to working out. It all pretty much comes down to Mental health. I feel that everybody’s main priority should be taking care of themselves. Both mentally and physically.

Listen, everybody has a general idea on what they need to do to have a healthy body. Eat more fruits and vegetables, cut back on junk, and workout 2-3x a week. Simple. But what do you do to take care of yourself mentally?  

The Pain

Every morning I’m woken up by different forms of self-doubt. Voices that are constantly clouding my mind and weighing me down.  If we really think about it, everybody suffers from a voice in their head that brings out their own personal forms of self-doubt. Whether it be: not satisfied with the way they look, not satisfied with their job, not satisfied with where they’re at in life. It always comes back to a lack of satisfaction.

These voices come with their own sets of concerns and issues. Manifesting themselves in the form of: Stress, Depression, and Ignorance.  

Stress- You’re going to move to San Diego and fall straight on your face. You’re better off moving back home with mommy.

Depression- Bro, are you even happy right now? Do you even know what makes you happy?

Ignorance- What’s the end game here bud? Just gonna keep movin around, avoiding any type of responsibility. You’re not the type of guy to settle down anyways. Enjoy life with your cat.

This is my way of putting a face to all my hidden concerns. Now that they have a face and identity, how do I cope with them? That’s where The Pain comes in.

“Nothing can compare to the feeling of absolutely crushing a workout.” Counteracting the voices with

The Pain.

The part of working out that actually puts my mind at ease, is the pain. The pain of pushing my body to its limits, the pain of banging out that last few reps, the pain of completely exhausting myself. I can go on, just know, absolutely nothing comes close to the feeling of the pain. Once that pain subsides pure happiness takes its place.

It’s an indescribable high, in the purest of form of addiction. It’s what keeps me coming back. It’s what keeps me happy.

For a few moments you’re not worried about all the bullshit going on in your life. You’re not worried about the girl that broke your heart. How all your money goes into paying bills. How you feel completely and utterly lost in this world. For those few moments, nothing matters. It engulfs yourself in a flame that is coursing through your body. You’re too busy enjoying the fleeting sensation that you completely forget about Stress, Depression, and Ignorance. Nothing matters anymore.

Try to recreate that feeling with drugs and alcohol and I can attest, it doesn’t even come close bud.

Arnold once said, “The greatest feeling you can get in the gym is the pump. It feels like your skin is going to explode. It feels fantastic. It’s as satisfying to me as cumming.” You know what? I gotta agree with Arnold on this one. It sounds absolutely insane I know, but that’s the best way to explain the feeling of pain. If Arnold can compare this feeling to cumming, then consider myself, Balls Deep.

I think it’s absolutely crucial that people find a hobby that takes their mind off the chaos we call life. Doesn’t have to be working out, but something to put their mind at ease. The Pain is what gets me out of bed. It’s what reminds me that there is eventually going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. That there is more meaning to life, then just working your life away and paying bills. Find your pain.

Stay woke y’all