What is love?

Serious question. How do you know you’ve found the right one? I thought I’ve been in love countless times already.

Coming from a child of divorce, a broken family

Good thing or bad? I honestly don’t remember what age I was when my parents first got divorced. I might’ve

Discouragement waits for nobody

Something we all can agree on is progress takes time. But Discouragement Waits For Nobody. There are plenty of ways

Do I look like a man with a plan?

Do I look like a man with a plan? In short, no. I'm just trying to enjoy life as it

Evening at the Masquerade l

This is going to be a 3 part series where I incorporate the Looking Glass Self Theory into a chance

Fight or Flight

What are you going to do when your faced with a life or death situation. Fight or Flight? Or freeze


Who wants to make a change? Whose willing to work for that change? Well, if you do. Bare with me

From one Fatty to Another

This is just a well thought out list of shit I wish I knew when I first started my weight

The Unapproachable

This is a story about the Socially Awkward. Remember Pizza parties? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always

The Perplexed Rice Krispie

Here’s a quick story about a time I took too much of an edible.  Let me start off by saying,